Senactiv® is a plant-based, 100% natural, US patented sport nutraceutical compound scientifically validated in 2 in-vivo and 4 human clinical studies with 6 interventions evaluated.  

Composed of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii.

Senactiv® promotes more energy and muscle preservation by activating phagocytic macrophages in association with the senescent cell clearance in muscle tissue after aerobic exercise.

 Release Energy > Spark Momentum
Senactiv® increases the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses).
New Muscle Cells > For Longevity
Senactiv® has shown in a human clinical study that it can actually promote the removal of old cells and replenish with new healthy muscle cells.



How does exercising longer, recovering faster, and heck, maybe even slowing down aging sound?

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