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D-Fine8 Classic® increases your energy levels while
curbing your appetite and burning excess fat.

Dfine8 is one the best fat burning supplements. Buy Now!

D-Fine8 Classic® is the most complete fat burning system on the market. It combines multiple scientifically proven active ingredients into one single product.

C-LesstrA™ is a proprietary blend of High Linoleic Acid (HLA made from Ultrapure Safflower Oil) and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Aside from providing the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E, C-LesstrA helps attack belly fat, lower blood sugar and increase lean muscle tissue to encourage an improved body composition.

The thermogenic compounds used in D-Fine8 Classic® are some of the most scientifically tested in the supplement industry. Citrus Aurantium turns on the fat burning furnace in your body. Guarana, with its natural caffeine content, KEEPS YOU FIRED UP throughout the day. Green Tea contains a powerful thermogenic known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which maximizes the body’s energy expenditure process by turning on fat oxidation pathways. To make D-Fine8 Classic® the most well rounded lean muscle defining product, we've added Cactus Leaf Extract. Several studies have confirmed that Cactus Leaf Extract will help curb your appetite. The final key attribute is the energizing effects of D-Fine8 Classic®. You will have the energy to power your workout to the next level (without the crash).